$HONOR tokenomics

$HONOR is an ERC-20 token created by Shadow Quest NFT. It is the in-game currency used by the players to progress through the game.

  • The total and maximum amount of $HONOR in Shadow Quest is 5,000,000,000 $HONOR.

  • All 5bn $HONOR started in the Pool Wallet.

  • As HONOR is earned and won, the Pool Wallet is reduced and the Circulating supply rises.

  • As this happens, the staking Faucet is algorithmically reduced to ensure the ecosystem remains balanced and stable.

  • Finally, $HONOR that is spent by the players in game will be recycled back into the Pool Wallet to be earned again and maintain a circular closed economy.

The goal is to develop, grow, and maintain an innovative, stable, self-sustaining, circular, balanced $HONOR economy that forms the foundations of a thriving $HONOR ecosystem for the game and future expansions.

Below is a simple diagram (but increasing in complexity as the game grows) showing the current state of the Circular Flow of $HONOR around the Shadow Quest ecosystem, with the algorithmic Faucet “B%” limiting the $HONOR earning rate to ensure the 5bn Total $HONOR limit is sustained.

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