Introducing: ERC721:Shadow

2022 February - Launch

We are proud to have created the super-optimised ERC721:Shadow contract. Built entirely from scratch (and therefore not a fork) this innovation pushes the efficiency of minting to the limits. The contract encodes all the necessary information into an ingenious 256-bit token OwnerState which minimizes gas usage on the blockchain.

This means that gas fees are dramatically reduced: Minting gas is reduced by 68% compared to the “Normal” ERC-721 contract. As an example, if gwei = 100 and eth = $2,000, then:

  • Normal ERC721 costs $35 to mint

  • ERC721:Shadow costs $11 to mint

Where this contract really comes into its own, is with multiple mints; gas usage will only increase incrementally with each extra mint in a single transaction. As a result, if 5 Warriors are minted in one transaction, then the total cost will be $12. Less than $2.40 gas paid per NFT. Our record is minting 96 NFTs for under $19 - which is less than $0.2 gas paid per NFT

2023 Today - Expansion and Customization

When we initially implemented ERC721:Shadow almost a year ago, it achieved one of the most efficient mints in Ethereum's history. Since then, optimisation has been built into the staking side resulting in minting costs reduced by 50% to ensure game playability is improved.

After further optimizing the staking, our lead dev wizard, R-Nemes, dedicated months of work to refining the ERC721:S contract, resulting in a highly customizable solution. With these advancements, we can now share our work with other developers, offering learning opportunities and providing developer assistance to projects interested in using our contract for mints. This will foster community growth and increase our team's exposure through collaborations and support for other projects.

R-Nemes focused on making the contract highly user-friendly by implementing updates at the Solidity level, rather than Assembly (like Azuki has). Additionally, he has further optimized and expanded the ERC721:S contract's functionality, providing multiple minting methods listed below giving flexibility to Founders and Developers to choose how to structure their projects. We plan to make these advancements accessible to other projects, and we will soon release a public GitHub repository for easy utilization. If you know of projects looking to mint with a efficient and highly customizable contract, feel free to connect them with us!

Our contract provides four main options for customization:

  1. Single mint: Transfer cost is set.

  2. SQ mint: Optimized similar to SQ mint, but with an additional cost on transfer.

  3. Multiple mint+: Optimized minting, slightly more expensive than SQ style, with transfer cost set the same as Single mint.

  4. SQ + Finalization mint: Similar to SQ mint, but founders perform a finalization step that reduces transfer costs for the community.

Compared to Azuki, which offers inexpensive minting but high transfer costs, we can significantly reduce transfer costs through the finalization of mints, making our solution superior.

See the medium article here for more information.

Contract Addresses

Subscription NFTs

We are looking to be one of the first projects to use Subscription NFTs to enable new players to join the Shadow Quest ecosystem and play with their own NFTs from other projects. In order to do this, Players will have to own a single valid SQ Subscription NFT which will act as a form of "passport" to allow the external NFTs access to Ashtaar.

The goal of Subscription NFTs is to encourage better alignment of interests between the Dev team and the Community by incentivizing the Dev team to build gradually and sustainably to keep the game expanding and continually providing exciting value to the players.

There will be 4 Tiers of Subscriptions, each with increasing costs (which are yet to be determined):

  1. Lifetime memberships - limited supply of 25

  2. Early bird / Supporter membership (supply of 100x)

  3. Normal membership (Supply of 1000x)

  4. Mob membership (Supply of 5000x)

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