New Nations [under construction]

*Currently Under Construction*

New Nations will be unlockable in the Research Center by spending $HONOR to complete the Research Fund for a particular external NFT project. Users will be able to choose which external NFT project is researched by spending $HONOR on the relevant Project Fund.

Once a Research Fund is fully funded, then that chosen external Project will be integrated into the SQ ecosystem so that the newly unlocked NFTs will be available to play, participate, and earn $HONOR if the User has a valid SQ Subscription NFT!

The Research Center can be also accessed by people who do not have any SQ NFTs yet, and they will be able to vote with on-chain (ERC-20) $HONOR for their chosen Nation.

Subscription NFTs

*Currently Under Construction*

In order for someone to use their New Nation NFTs in the SQ ecosystem they will need a single valid SQ SUBSCRIPTION NFT

Tiers of Subscriptions:

  1. Lifetime memberships - limited supply of 25

  2. Early bird / Supporter membership (supply of 100x)

  3. Normal membership (Supply of 1000x)

  4. Mob membership (Supply of 5000x)

A single valid SQ Subscription NFT will enable you to play Shadow Quest with all the external NFTs that you own that have been unlocked by being Researched (you do not need a new one for each new project). As more NFT projects are researched, you will be able to play Shadow Quest with more of your existing NFTs!


*Construction planned after release of New Nations and Subscription NFTs*

An exciting way for players to enter large royales where they battle many other NFTs at the same time. Battles will be live, and the goal is for anyone to be able to see the battles & results. It would be possible to for players to bet and win eth in royales.

The following numerous different styles of Royales are being contemplated at this stage. Please note that this list is subject to change:

  1. Duel 1v1

    • Best of 3 rounds with the option to change weapons or drink potions between rounds

  2. Knockout tournament

    • Option to change weapons between rounds

  3. League

    • Everyone fights everyone, Win is 1 point, loss is zero.

    • The Warrior with the most points at the end of the league wins. Tiebreaks determined by most amount of damage dealt over the League, and then who won the battle between the leaders.

    • Option to change weapons between rounds

  4. Grid - Automatic Algo - Free For All

    • Players get to choose where they place their warriors on the grid.

    • When all warriors are placed, the royale begins and the Algorithm will control the warriors.

    • For each warrior, the Algo will simply move one gridspace towards the nearest enemy, and then attack. If another warrior is in range of an attack they take damage. Last warrior standing wins

    • Could be played with potentially unlimited Warriors on the same grid

    • We could also design different algorithms that Players could choose for their Warriors, eg Close combat, Never turn your back, or Focus item drops.

  5. Grid - Automatic Algo - Teams

    • Same as above but there are teams of warriors who can work together and so the initial tactical positioning of warriors will be different to in 4.

    • This could be expanded to have 2 full armies of New Nation Vs each other. For example Kiroh Vs Shiryo, or Plague Vs Brawler Bearz.

    • We could also enable new Algo options for Players to choose such as Team Formations.

  6. Grid - Turn-based - Free For All

    • Players get to choose where they place their warriors on the grid like in 4. Then at the start of each round every player has X seconds to choose two actions for their warrior to take, eg move up down left right, attack, or pick up item.

    • For example, two actions could be to move "right right" or "attack attack". Then all the actions of all the warriors are played out in a particular order and we see who has survived. Then we repeat the action choosing for whoever is left until we have a final winner who is the last warrior standing.

  7. Grid - Turn-based - Teams

    • Same as 6 but people can work in teams.

Possible expansions of these games: - Introduce different attacks for different types of warriors, eg close combat, ranged, magic, explosions

- introduce options to shield or use an item

- introduce special items that rejuvenate or power up warriors

- add special Grid Royales where everyone battles a big boss at the same time, and person who deals the killing blow wins a prize and person who deals most dmg to the boss wins a prize

- we can also change the Grid so that there are walls and obstacles for people to use tactically

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