Built and Building Next

Here's a brief list of what we've built and released so far and what's coming next:

  • 🗝️ Airdrop of Loot Keys distributed to Staked Holders

  • 🏦 Bank has reopened

  • 💰 Marketplace - P2P trading is Live

  • Limited Edition in-Game items added via the Marketplace

  • 🎟️️ IRL items (NFT NYC tix, and Ledgers) were made available via the Marketplace

  • ⚗️ Emporium has opened which sells Potions and Lootboxes

  • 🎲 Stat Reroll potions are live - allows rerolling of stats and updates metadata (to strengthen your warriors)

  • Frames Update is live - Red, Gold, Silver distinguish Legendaries, Gen0s, and Gen1s

  • 📜 Naming Scrolls are live - allows naming of NFTs and linking of Twitter for bragging rights

  • Marketplace has been updated to so that Shadow Quest users can buy Collab'd Allowlists using HONOR

  • ☑️ Collection Verified on OS

  • 🔥 Loot Crates - released with different tiers offering a variety of prizes. Keys redeemed for the corresponding Tier Crate and opened in the Emporium or Home inventory.

  • 💀 Gen1 Burning - is live in the Emporium to obtain the Soul Chests for the best chance of winning the rarest prizes (including NFTs from other projects!)

  • 🥳 TRIBE Collaboration - to provide prizes for active members build community engagement

  • QoL improvements - including filters and stat totals for easier game decisions!

  • Rumble - mini-event which will improve the flow of HONOR around the system

  • 🌋 Cataclysm - chaotic event that shifted the game and released new mechanics, aspects, and locations including:

    • ⚔️ Interstice - new staking location, new challenges, new rewards, new PvP battle mechanics

    • 🛡️ Stash Raids - new mechanism to encourage more PvP interaction and improve the flow of HONOR

  • 👑Gold and 🔮Dark Lootboxes - can be obtained from the Emporium to win the Unique Legendary Queens, Wizards, and powerful Items

    • (All the Legendaries have now been won, but the powerful items are still available from these lootboxes)

Building Now:

  • 🔬 Research Centre - Communal unlocking location that will enable the completion of the Warrior stage and commencement of the Hunter stage

  • New Nations expansion which will enable us to integrate other NFT projects into SQ, and allow people to play SQ with their NFTs from some other projects (eg Plague, Brawlerz etc). Only projects voted for by the community will be integrated.

    • In order for the New Nations to be used in game, people will need a SQ Subscription NFT - this is a very new innovation in the NFT world, and we plan to be one of the first to implement it.

After that:

  • ♟️ Royales - where people will be able to battle their NFTs (SQ warriors and New Nation NFTs) in a free for all tournament for eth. This we expect to expand to allowing people to create teams/bands of warriors to win the tournaments

  • 🦌 Then after that (which will take a while to do) we'll release ARC III and will usher in the Hunter Phase where there will be a huge expansion and completely new style of play added to the game where people can enter the Hunting Ground and hunt beasts for loot and other items essential for ARC IV and the Conqueror Phase

To be clear, these are plans, and we've only just started working on them, so they may change, and will certainly take some time!

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