Stash Raids

The Guard slot is free, and already open.

To unlock the 3 Raider slots you must pay:

  • Slot 1 - 5% Stash + 10 Shard + 1 Insanity

  • Slot 2 - 10% Stash + 20 Shards + 20 Glories + 20 Insanity

  • Slot 3 - 25% Stash + 50 Shards + 50 Glories + 50 MOH + 50 Insanity


Warriors can be staked in these HOME Raiding slots. They are called "Raiders".

Raiders can be sent on a Raid once a week.

  • Slot 1 Raiders must pay 1 Shard for each Raid

  • Slot 2 Raiders must pay 1 Glory for each Raid

  • Slot 3 Raiders must pay 1 MOH for each Raid

(Shards, Glories, and MOHs can be obtained from the Battlefield, or purchased from the Marketplace)

A Raider on a raid targets a wallet with HONOR in their Stash. Note that larger Stashes tend to attract more Raiders!

The Raider then steals a certain percent of that Wallet's Stash HONOR.


In your free Guard Slot, you can do 1 of 3 things:

  1. Do nothing, Stake nothing,

  2. Hire the Jester to protect you. This costs 2% of your stash each week. Paid back to the Pool to be re-earned via Training Ground or Battlefield.

  3. Stake a Warrior here to guard yourself from Raids. He is now a "Guard"

If your Wallet is chosen for a Raid by someone, then:

  • If you have no Guard and no Jester, the Raider can't believe his luck and steals a percentage of your Stash without hesitation

  • If you have hired the Jester to protect you, then the Raider does not dare to cross the Jester steals nothing

  • If you have a Warrior Guard, then instead of the Raider stealing a chunky % of your Stash automatically, they have to battle your Guard.

    • If the Raider wins, then due to your valiant efforts they only manage to steal a smaller percent of your Stash

    • If the Raider loses (and your Guard wins), the Raider steals nothing from you.

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