Introduction to Shadow Quest

Last updated: August 2023

Enter the ancient land of Ashtaar, where elite Warriors train and battle for $HONOR! Engulfed in a century of conflict, tensions rise as a new enemy, the fearsome Samsar descend upon the nations of Kiroh, Shiryo, Midsurin, Yama, and Engan. These dark warriors wield fel powers and are rumored to be capable of stealing aspiring warriors… Are you brave enough to stand against their might? Will you FLEE or will you FIGHT?

Shadow Quest launched in February 2022 blending aspects of our favorite games since childhood into an interactive, community driven, innovative environment. For over 22 months (through bull or bear), we have been steadily building and expanding the game, progressing through the ARCs and adding exciting new styles of play.

9,996 Gen0 Warriors assemble for war on the Ethereum blockchain! Of this collection, 999 NFTs will be dreaded Samsar warriors, capable of stealing $HONOR. These hand drawn anime inspired NFTs possess: Skill, Speed, Strength, Magic, and Health; attributes which can be upgraded with potions and weapons and will directly impact their performance in various battle locations, but require your tactical nous to outsmart your fellow Commanders!

Story Arcs

Shadow Quest is split into several Story Arcs that grow and expand the game with new developments.

  1. ARC I introduced the Warrior Phase with the Battlefield, PvP trading in the Marketplace, Weapon Upgrades, and Metadata Stat Potion re-rolls, along with many other additions.

  2. ARC II (which we are currently midway through) unleashed the Cataclysm event and expands the Warrior Phase with new Battle Mechanics, Fatigue, and Interstice. Next to be constructed is the Research Center which will enable the highly innovative expansion where New Nations (aka external NFT projects) will be able to join Ashtaar and fight alongside the Shadow Quest warriors! Following that will be the Royales, where there will be unique PvP tournaments with lucrative prizes!

  3. ARC III will enter a new style of play and exploration: the Hunter Phase

  4. ARC IV and ARC V are a while away, but will work towards the Conqueror Phase and Builder Phase continually adding more styles of play to adapt your tactics to.

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