Here you can see your warriors, Inventory, $HONOR, and anything else you have collected on your adventure.

It also includes a rudimentary Forge to combine some items into others. Finally it contains your Stash Raid slots: 1 Guard Slot and 3 Raider slots.

For more information on Stash Raids, please see here


The Jester is your guide to this world and will help direct you on your journey!

Occasionally there may be intriguing information and news of Ashtaar events that only a treasured Jester of the court may be privy to. If you’re lucky the Jester may share some of these juicy whisperings with you…


As soon as you have your Shadow Quest NFT Warrior you may stake in the Training Grounds where you will earn a steady and safe 3,000 * B% $HONOR/day.

If you are lucky enough to mint a Samsar, then you can also stake your Samsar here to earn $HONOR.

$HONOR earned here is not at risk and goes straight into your "Stash" which can be spent immediately.

The initial Staking costs gas, but all other actions (BATTLE, FIGHT, FLEE, STORE, and moving Locations in Ashtaar) are off-chain and do not cost any gas.


If you feel you are ready for Glory, then you may spend $HONOR to acquire your Battle Orders and unlock the Battlefield as a new staking location.

Send your warrior in the Battlefield to BATTLE the Samsar and earn more $HONOR. Do this by clicking [Send from Training Ground] button to select which warrior(s) you want to send from the Training Ground to the Battlefield.

The amount of $HONOR you earn each hour will depend on several factors including:

  • Your warrior’s stats (the higher your stats, the more $HONOR you will earn)

  • The tide of Battle

In the heat of Battle, any $HONOR earned on the Battlefield goes into the staked warrior’s “Pocket” (note this is different to your Stash).

Any $HONOR in the pocket is unsafe, and cannot be spent. Warriors must leave the Battlefield in order to “Store” the $HONOR to be able to use it. In other words, to Store means to move $HONOR from “Pocket” (at risk) to “Stash”.

Storing can be done in two ways:

  1. FLEE the Battlefield. Fleeing the battlefield means that you drop 20% of the $HONOR you accumulated in your Pocket whilst battling- This 20% is collected by the Samsar that are also staked in the Battlefield and distributed amongst them according to their own stats. 80% is safely sent to the Warrior’s Stash. OR...

  2. FIGHT the Samsar!

If you:

  • WIN a FIGHT against the Samsar, then your bravery and skill doubles the $HONOR in your Pocket and allows you to store 100% of it! You may also acquire additional treasures such as Shards, Glories, and Medals of Honor!

  • However, if you LOSE the FIGHT, then you will also lose all the $HONOR you accumulated in your Pocket.

Your chance of winning a FIGHT against a Samsar depends on several factors:

  • Your warrior’s stats (the higher your stats, the more likely you will win)

  • The stats of the Samsar you have to FIGHT to leave the Battlefield

There will be glorious rewards for those who show grit and remain in the Battlefield.

However, note that remaining too long in the Battlefield leaves your warriors weary and FATIGUE sets in. FATIGUE reduces your warriors stats by 1% for each day that they spend in the Battlefield without returning to the Training Ground for rest. This will reduce the amount of HONOR you earn in the Battlefield and also your chances of winning Fights against the Samsar. Strangely, Fatigue does not seem to affect the Samsar.

To account for the vast travel distances in Ashtaar, minimum staking time is 6 hours.

Note that each Warrior NFT has their own dedicated Pocket. But a Holder has only one communal Stash. So if a Holder has several Warriors, their warriors Store their Pocket $HONOR in the single Stash managed by the Holder.

The better your stats, the more likely you are to win your FIGHTs and double your $HONOR! When a Warrior wins a FIGHT against the Samsar it is recorded in the annals of history.

Samsar make up roughly 10% of the Ashtaar population, each with unique art, attributes, and stats. The higher your stats compared to the rest of the staked Samsar:

  • The higher the portion of dropped battle $HONOR that your Samsar earns, and

  • The higher chance of stealing a newly minted Gen1 Warrior or Samsar.

  • Only staked Samsar in the Battlefield are able to steal new mints or claim the $HONOR drops.


The Bank is the link between the off-chain and on-chain. To reduce gas fees and improve game enjoyment, all the Items in the game and $HONOR earned (and lost), will be created off-chain.

$HONOR is an ERC-20 coin that can be Exported from your Ashtaar Stash to your Ethereum wallet (and also Imported back to your Ashtaar Stash). After paying a 12% banking fee, $HONOR can be brought on-chain by exporting it through the Bank.

Note that bringing $HONOR on-chain will result in gas fees.

The amount of $HONOR you are allowed to Export increases with the amount of $HONOR you have spent in the game. If you Import $HONOR, then your export limit will stay the same, but you will free up headroom to Export more later.

For example, if you have spent 600,000 $HONOR on unlocking locations, purchasing armory weapons, and potions to upgrade your warrior etc, then you will be able to Export a maximum limit of 600,000 $HONOR on-chain. Importing $HONOR frees up your limit utilization.

There is no tax to Import $HONOR from on-chain into the game.


The Armory is unlockable by burning 3 Glories + 1 Shard.

Here you can pay $HONOR to:

  1. Buy Weapons and Masks which add to your Warrior’s stats

  2. Buy Armor which will protect you and reduce your losses if you flee from the Battlefield.

  3. Upgrade Weapons, Masks, and Armor to improve the stats of each of them.

Each warrior will only be able to wield 2 weapons, carry 1 piece of Armor, and 1 Mask.


Here you can trade weapons, items, trinkets, drops, badges, recipes, and beasts PvP with other players for $HONOR.


The Emporium is unlockable by burning 4 Glories + 1 Shard.

Pay $HONOR to buy

  • Potions to re-roll your warriors’s stats.

  • Warrior Name scrolls to bestow grand names and titles to your best fighters.

  • Wallet Deeds to change the name associated with your Wallet and link your Twitter account if you wish.

  • Several levels of Lootboxes:

The toxic untested potions may aid or hinder in your fights against the Samsar. Due to the toxicity of the potions, the cost of taking more than 5 potions per week increases.

What other magical artifacts are waiting to be unleashed?


Traverse a strange gateway pulsing with the mysterious energy of the Samsar and enter an ancient coliseum where madness reigns as you walk the path of the Berserker! PvP battles between warriors for HONOR.

Opened after the Cataclysm Event and unlockable by paying 10% of Stash HONOR.

Sending Warriors from the Training Ground, gives you the option to battle in 3 tiers:

--- Tier 1 ---

Only warriors with a Total Stats less than 120 may Battle here.

A Tier 1 Battle Pass costs 25k HONOR + 1 Shard for a battle pass

If you win a Battle here, you will win 40k HONOR + a crate or small chest

If you win 5 Battles in a row here, then you have proven your resilience in the first level of Interstice and have earned an Insanity!

--- Tier 2 ---

All warriors may Battle here.

A Tier 2 Battle Pass costs 50k HONOR + 1 Glory

If you win a Battle here, you will win 80k HONOR + small or medium chest

If you win 4 Battles in a row here, then you have proven your resilience in the second level of Interstice and have earned an Insanity!

--- Tier 3 ---

Any warrior may Battle here, however you can only ever have one warrior here at a time.

A Tier 3 Battle Pass costs 100k HONOR + 1 Medal of Honor

If you win a Battle here, you will win 160k HONOR + medium or large chest

If you win 3 Battles in a row here, then you have proven your resilience in the third and most costly level of Interstice and have earned an Insanity!

If you win a battle, then you may Battle again (if you have enough Battle passes) after 12 hours. However, if you lose a battle, then you must recover from your defeat and may only Battle again (if you have enough Battle passes) after 24 hours.

You are automatically paired with another Warrior in the Tier who is ready to fight (aka not on cooldown)

Updated Mechanics!

The battle now uses TURN-BASED battle mechanics!

FATIGUE applies here, so if someone is in Interstice for 15 days, then their stats are reduced by 15%.

When the Battle is completed, the warriors rejoin the Tier pool (after the cooldown)

Perseverance is rewarded in the Interstice, and longer campaigns can yield better rewards for victories after fatigue has set in.

RESEARCH CENTRE [under construction]

The Research Centre is currently under construction.

New Weapons, Armor, Trinkets, and Potions can be researched and unlocked as well as potential New Prospects and Locations that are yet to be deciphered and uncovered…

The Research Center will be integral to the progression of Shadow Quest, it will enable the completion of the Warrior stage and commencement of the HUNTER Phase.

One of the first New Prospects to be unlockable from the Research Center will be the "New Nations" where each new "Nation" is another external NFT project that we will integrate into the SQ ecosystem so that:

  • NFTs of that new Nation can be staked in Ashtaar.

  • This means that stats will be assigned to them based on their NFT collection traits.

  • Which then means they can play SQ and earn HONOR

  • It also means that they can participate in the Royales (when they have been unlocked)

The community will be able to choose which external NFT projects twill be integrated into the SQ ecosystem first . Players will be able to vote by spending $HONOR to fund the research to unlock a specific Nation - it is up to the community to decide where their hard-earned HONOR will be used for research!

Note that On-chain $HONOR can be spent in the Research Center and therefore used to vote on which Nation to unlock. This allows participants to vote for New Nations by obtaining on-chain $HONOR even if they do not have their own ShadowQuest NFTs.


Currently unavailable due to Cataclysmic damage

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