How to Play the Warrior Phase

Shadow Quest NFTs can be purchased on Opensea. There are 9,996 Gen0 Warriors, and 5,682 Gen1 Warriors (of which 514 have been burned for Soul Chests to date). Each Warrior has unique art, attributes, and stats.

If you are the proud owner of a Warrior, then you will be able to enter the world of Ashtaar and start your adventure!

Note that with the New Nations expansion, you can play Shadow Quest with external NFTs that have been researched and if you have a valid SQ Subscription NFT

The Shadow Quest game is played through the map of Ashtaar on the main page.

There are numerous icons which either provide extra information about the vast (and constantly growing) Shadow Quest world, or serve as functional locations through which you can interact with the game.

At first, there will be 4 locations open to you.:

  1. Jester

  2. Home

  3. Training Ground - [Staking Location]

  4. Bank

We recommend you follow this order of visiting locations to progress through the game, but of course feel free to explore and forge your own path!

As a first step you’ll have to stake (this will cost a small gas fee, but moving to different staking locations within Ashtaar will not cost any gas at all) your new warriors by sending them to train in the Training Ground. As they train, they will earn you $HONOR, which you will be able to spend to unlock new areas such as:

  1. Battlefield - [Staking Location]

  2. Armory

  3. Marketplace

  4. Emporium

  5. Interstice - [Staking Location]

  6. Research Centre

  7. Hunting Grounds - [Staking Location]

Each of these locations unlocks new staking locations, items, potions, lootboxes, battle mechanics and other exciting aspects. A quick summary list of these locations is below, and more detail on each can be found in the next page.

Jester - Your mischievous neighborhood Jester, giving some info… maybe

Home - contains all your information, items, and Stash Raid slots.

Training Ground - [Staking Location] to safely earn $HONOR

Bank - withdraw and deposit $HONOR between off-chain and ERC-20 $HONOR on-chain

Battlefield - [Staking Location] the place to risk more for $HONOR and Glory!

Armory - to upgrade your warrior with deadly weapons

Marketplace - to trade valuable items PvP for $HONOR

Emporium - to obtain strange potions, rare scrolls, and mysterious lootboxes

Interstice - [Staking Location] PvP arena with turn-based battle mechanics with a chance to obtain Insanity

Research Centre - to unlock new Prospects and Locations that are yet to be uncovered and deciphered…

Hunting Grounds - [Staking Location] winding paths lead to a dark forest where you will have to commence your journey into the Hunter Phase…

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